February is Hot Breakfast Month!

To celebrate Hot Breakfast Month, we bring you delicious hot breakfast recipes from alive.

Who doesn’t love a hot breakfast with all the fixings? Whether you crave pancakes and maple syrup in the morning, or you prefer savoury tastes such as scrambled eggs, a (healthy!) hot breakfast is good for us in so many ways.

We know that breakfast is important for us, and it seems that every other day there’s a new study showing why. Here are some results of a few recent studies.

  • Kindergarteners who eat breakfast on a near-daily basis have higher IQs than kindergarteners who only eat breakfast sometimes.
  • In a study on male teenagers, eating breakfast was shown to contribute to a higher bone-mineral density.
  • Adults who eat breakfast acquire more healthy nutrients such as vitamin D, iron, and calcium, as well as fibre.
  • Regularly skipping breakfast may negatively affect our cardiometabolic health.
  • Breakfast can keep us feeling full for longer, so we eat less later in the day.

Check out these hearty but healthy alive recipes to celebrate Hot Breakfast Month!

  • Cremini Omelette
  • Hazelnut Hemp Pancakes with Dried Blueberry Sauce
  • Quinoa and Avocado Scram Slam
  • Eat Your Protein Breakfast Wraps
  • Tempeh “Chorizo”
  • Grilled Banana and Maple Toast


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