Kitchen Corner: Festive Breakfast

\”Let’s hear those tummies rumbling, rum, rum, rumbling too … It’s lovely weather for a breakfast together with youuuuu.\” Yummy tips for stress-free, healthy, festive breakfasts.

Christmas morning is, well, busy.

Gifts galore, guests, and a gazillion excited people can spell disaster if you forget to eat breakfast. Before you know it the hanger creeps in, and you’re grumpily preparing vegetables for dinner, wondering where all the cheer has gone.

Eating in the morning is always important, but especially when you may be under pressure later in the day. (Not to mention, the festive beverages that may be consumed.)

How about a breakfast buffet? A few elements can be prepared in advance, so in the morning you can simply lay out a grazing table for everyone to help themselves to.

If you have a smaller gathering, a big pot of festive oatmeal could be just the ticket. Slow cookers are ideal for keeping oats warm and tasty overnight, so all you have to do is open the lid and serve. Try seasonal toppings like apple, cinnamon, and nutmeg to set the tone for the day.

For another one-pot wonder, how about this divine Cinnamony Apple Bread Pudding? All the decadence and treat-factor, with none of the usual sugar-laden guilt. You can whip up the mixture the night before and then pop it in the oven while the gift-giving gets underway.


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