Celebrating Summer\'s Best Treat: Strawberries!

Let\’s celebrate this antioxidant-rich berry!

They’re sweet, succulent, and oh-so juicy. From salad toppings to smoothie staples, strawberries are an ideal summer treat. Sure, they’re not perfect—sometimes the seeds get stuck in our teeth—but why dwell on the small stuff?
After all, with a one cup serving of sliced berries totalling fewer than 50 calories and boasting almost 150 percent of our recommended daily intake of vitamin C, these two-bite beauties are a perfect afternoon pick-me-up, a delectable after-dinner dessert, or an ideal way to add a slice of colour to salads.
High in folate, potassium, and manganese, and stuffed with antioxidants such as flavonoids, strawberries are a superfood in their own right.
As a matter of a fact, strawberries—just like any antioxidant-rich food–are great at counteracting the cell damage that free radicals trigger in our bodies. Antioxidants protect these cells, and may reduce the risk of serious diseases, such as certain cancers and heart disease.
Furthermore, with the help of some of the same antioxidants, strawberries help promote healing of cuts and bruises, and may even help give our skin a fuller, more youthful complexion by fighting signs of aging. How’s that for super-fruit?
Want to include more of these bite-sized berries in your diet? Try swapping your next meal for …

  • Lentil Loaf with Strawberry Sauce
  • Atole de Fresa Strawberry Soup
  • Maple Strawberry Bulgur Porridge
  • Arctic Char with Strawberry Salsa and Green Beans


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