Superfood Truffles

Celebrate Valentine\’s Day with these decadent and healthy truffles perfect for you and your sweetheart.

The word “superfood” is thrown around quite a bit these days, but the images these foods bring to mind are not always the most exciting. Superfoods get their name from the functional quality of their nutrients. They reach beyond your recommended daily nutrient values, delivering an array of health benefits, from vision maintenance to disease prevention.
By bringing together everyday ingredients with a touch of the exotic and a drizzle or two of dark chocolate, superfoods never looked (or tasted!) so good. No Valentine’s Day menu is complete without something sweet; you can do double-duty this year with the gift of both dessert and good health, thanks to this handsome lineup of bite-sized treats.


Raw Chocolate Hedgehog Truffles with Cacao Nibs

Coconut Goji Berry Snowball Truffles

Almond Butter Banana Protein Truffles

Spiced Blueberry Pie Truffles with Quinoa

Fragrant Chocolate Avocado Tea Truffles


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