Home walking From OM to OMG: 6 Embarrassing Yoga Moments

From OM to OMG: 6 Embarrassing Yoga Moments


From OM to OMG: 6 Embarrassing Yoga Moments

Sure, yoga can be serene, but sometimes, when we’re twisting and contorting our body something just rips through that tranquility and leaves us red in the face. Here’s the skinny on blush-worthy but surprisingly common yoga moments.

What if I …

… Fart? Gas happens and some poses — twists, forward bends, the aptly named wind relieving pose — make toots more likely. Try not to eat too much before practice or at least skip the bean burrito and other foods you know lead to gas before class. But know that it’s happened to everyone.

… Vart? Yes, it’s a thing. Sometimes air passes through the vagina making a fart-like sound. It’s common when women come out of inversions. Strengthening the pelvic muscles in yoga and off the mat with Kegels can help.

… Have stinky feet? You’re going to sweat and sometimes stink. Don’t try to mask it with perfumes or lotions. Do stash portable baby wipes in your bag and give your feet a quick rub down before class — especially in the winter when you’ve yanked ‘em out of boots. Another trick is to use antiperspirant on your feet — this also helps avoid slipping and sliding all over your mat.

… Suffer a wardrobe malfunction? Sometimes folding forward and bending backwards in that cute yoga T-shirt leads to a Janet Jackson-like slip. Test your clothes (tops and bottoms) at home before you come to class. And fellas, wear boxer briefs and tighty whities over the peep-show hazards of loose-fitting boxers. The good news is people aren’t looking around too much in class to notice.

… Fall down? To quote Vince Lombardi, “The greatest accomplishment is not in never falling but in rising again after you fall.” It’s all part of the practice and teaches you to go with the flow.

… Snore in Final Relaxation Pose? Napping, drooling and even snoring during savasana happens — it’s happened before. It will happen again. No biggie.


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